Best Restaurants: Charlie Graingers – Wilmington, NC

Best Restaurants: Charlie Graingers Review – Wilmington, North Carolina, USA Charlie Graingers: Classic Americana, World Famous Hot Dogs: American musician Charlie Grainger opened the famous Peacock Alley drive-in in the 1940’s in Wilmington, NC, serving the Wilmington community for more than 40 years. In 2012, Owner Louis North purchased the site and opened their beautiful new operation. He was focused on maintaining that classic Americana charm that made the building so famous in the first place. You can feel the respect for history that the new ownership maintains. For instance, the logo still has a peacock “hidden” in plain sight, alluding to the origins of the franchise. Louis has been in the business for more than 40 years, bringing his ability to the Charlie Graingers franchise. He kept the famous hot dog tradition, but added his own flair to the menu. His expertise shows in the form of delectable brisket, barbecue, and chicken/turkey salad, and some of the most unforgettable pimento cheese you will ever have the pleasure to taste. Charlie Graingers Favorite Flavors: The barbecue is all made in-house, slow roasted for 14+ hours before being served slathered on thick sandwich buns. The world-famous hot dogs come fresh, never frozen from Kahn’s Premium Hot Dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Try them with Charlie Graingers homemade chili, mustard, slaw, and onions for the perfect southern combination of simple, mouth-watering flavors. We use the best, freshest ingredients available to bring out the best possible flavor in every bite. House-Made Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea help to top off the solid menu, with these incredible Classic Americana elements you can barely imagine combining. Ranging from their amazing House-Made Pimento Cheese to Chipotle, Chili, Jamaican Relish, Slaw, Onions, Crunchy Fried Potato Stix, Sauerkraut, BBQ Baked Beans, or Chili Charlie’s Way, their ingredients are guaranteed to create a combination you won’t soon forget. People […]

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Best Restaurants: Fruition Restaurant – Denver, CO

Best Restaurants: Fruition Restaurant Review – Denver, Colorado, USA Farm-Fresh Ingredients: Imagine a chef who cares so much about his/her business and their customers that they invest their life in procuring a farm to source the ingredients for their establishment. The farm is a venue for them to channel their love for cuisine into controlling the way they would raise the livestock for their meats and grow the spices and grains for their dishes. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. Chef Alex Seidel has made a real name for himself with his Fruition Restaurant concept in Denver, Colorado. Not only does Seidel run Fruition Restaurant, but he also owns Fruition Farms, the only registered sheep dairy in the state of Colorado. In 2009 Seidel purchased the 10-acre farm, and by November of that year his goal was to create Colorado’s first Artisanal Sheep Dairy and Creamery to provide products for his Fruition Restaurant. Former Fruition Sous Chef Jimmy Warren is in charge of the farm. By the summer of 2011, their Ricotta received a first place finish in the Open Category for Sheep’s Milk and Mixed Milk cheeses at the American Cheese Society Conference in Montreal, Canada. They work closely with Fruition Farm’s house grower, Ilse Meyer, to provide a major part of the delectable food served in the Fruition Restaurant. From Heritage Pigs to their own Honey Bees and East Friesian Sheep and Lamb, Fruition Farms is on the cutting edge of modern farm production. The local sourcing of their cheese, meat, and vegetable products allows the team at Fruition Restaurant to give the freshest, tastiest ingredients imaginable to their guests and it really shines through in the cuisine. There is something about the subtle but bold flavors present in the food at Fruition Restaurant that is simply unforgettable. Make sure to reserve […]