Global Restaurant Source is the best source for custom and prefabricated furniture for your business! Our company is part of one of the largest purchasing groups in the nation, giving us a pricing edge and guaranteeing both independent and corporate business owners the best available price point. Our extensive experience with engineering, delivering, and installing quality furniture is extensive and we will make sure your establishment looks and feels amazing. Your customers and your employees will appreciate the way your furniture sets the mood and guarantees the long term success of your restaurant, bar, hotel, university, cafeteria, or café.

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Global Restaurant Source is a Member of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association (MVRA).

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Seating Furniture

Furniture - Murphy's Irish Pub - Booths
Murphy’s Irish Pub – Dayton, Ohio

Global Restaurant Source offers a multitude of furniture seating options, styles, and materials. Not only do we offer furniture specification and engineering services, we also provide all the prefabricated furniture you need. Our seating is all designed and chosen specifically for the high-quality workmanship and materials and product’s value. We have all the seating you need to design your five-star restaurant, bar, hotel, university, cafeteria, or café with confidence and style using our trusted vendors and options, all under one roof.

Take a look at through some of our seating products or contact us today to find that specific piece you need! We offer everything from chairs to barstools to booths. Whether you’re seating patrons in your pub or you’re worried about bench seating for your institution, we’ve covered your needs. We have the best and most stylish choice of seating styles on the market today. Take advantage of years of experience designing, building, and opening successful restaurants, microbreweries, pubs, and bars. Global Restaurant Source will provide stylish furniture that will raise your customer satisfaction and business profile today!

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Surfaces & Tables

Services - Furniture - Bar Top - Global Restaurant Source

Global Restaurant Source is your best supplier for all of your furnishing needs. A well-run business will have a unique and classy presentation due to their furniture design and layout. Your tables are the heart of your establishment and the object in your business that customers look at the most. We are your best source for tables, tabletops, and other surfaces, like custom designed bar counters. Choose GRS to improve your business aesthetic today!

We will work with you to choose the right surface for your business! We have 30+ years of experience with designing and building successful bars, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, night clubs, hospitals, hotels, and more. With Global Restaurant Source, you will guarantee yourself a solid product at a great value, backed by the expertise that only hundreds of design and installation projects and decades of experience can give. If you are serious about running an excellent business then you need to keep up an excellent appearance on top of stellar functionality. GRS offers all that and more for your establishment!

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