Global Restaurant Source is proud to offer the premier project and construction management services in the industry. Our combined 50+ years in the business let us guarantee that you will not find a more knowledgeable or reliable partner for your project management needs. Our experience speaks for itself… but our partners also have a lot to say about the benefits of working with Global Restaurant Source!

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Global Restaurant Source is a Member of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association (MVRA).

Project Management

Global Restaurant Source offers a variety of project management services, from the start-up phase to grand opening, we are your complete project management source. Utilizing Global Restaurant Source allows the successful business owner the peace of mind to know that their business will open faster and at a lower cost than they could on their own. Businesses also have a higher rate of success and a lower attrition rate over time when they can keep project costs on time and within the established budget while still exceeding performance expectations, a hallmark of Global Restaurant Source projects. We have the knowledge and the buying power to give you everything you need and get it all done at an incredible value.

We contract the best possible talent from around the world for our equipment and labor needs and we offer a unique experience for each of our partners. We offer many valuable services, including, but not limited to; help with financing, navigating the permit process, designing and installing your kitchen equipment and your furniture, securing and installing the right POS system, managing your construction and installation processes, and consulting on your menu development and staff training. We also offer on-site support, website design, branding, marketing, and signage. We are your dedicated partner for success on any of your project needs!

Global Restaurant Source is your complete project management source for your new or existing:

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Construction Management

Global Restaurant Source is the best source for your Construction Management needs. We have years of experience managing construction projects. We mainly focus on industrial and commercial projects. GRS will get your through the design and pre-construction phases quickly so you can get back to running your business. Our experience gives the owner a guarantee that we will complete the procurement, construction, and occupancy phases on-time and within the established budget. Businesses that are able to open new locations on-time and within budget constraints are generally much more likely to experience long-term success. Global Restaurant Source  has the acumen and skills to complete your construction projects successfully every time.

Services - Construction - Global Restaurant Source

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Interior Design

Global Restaurant Source has a dedicated and professional design staff to help you with every aspect of equipment and interior layout and specification. With the latest CAD (computer aided design) technology we will give you quick, clear, and precise drawings. We have years of experience that will guarantee your business effortlessly maintains a sleek and comfortable, yet efficient, look. Our design department offers you the following services to aid you in the all-important planning and design stages of opening or remodeling your business.

  • Floor Plans
  • Bidding / Cost Analysis
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Electrical Rough-Ins
  • Plumbing Rough-Ins
  • Detailed Schedules
  • Specifications

Services - Interior Design - Global Restaurant Source

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Equipment: Specification, Engineering, & Installation

Global Restaurant Source is your complete source for restaurant, beverage, kitchen, and bar equipment. We can offer the best possible quality and pricing on equipment for any of your project needs. We also offer custom-built equipment per specification and engineering options through our exclusive partners. We will custom engineer your equipment specifically to meet your space and production needs so that your business will always run at peak efficiency. We will also install your existing prefabricated or factory engineered equipment. Our industry experience gives you the guarantee that we will specify the equipment to your standards and install it quickly and securely. We will also help train your managers and staff on the proper use and care of installed equipment.

Services - Global Restaurant Source - Equipment

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Furniture: Specification, Engineering, & Installation

Global Restaurant Source is your source for furniture specification, engineering, and installation. With over 30 years of experience in furniture design and installation GRS will take any space and customize it to the owner’s needs. We can take any concept and realize it for you. We offer the ability to choose any furniture style, pattern, design, color, and material and use them to engineer your own look. This includes bar tops, chairs, bar stools, tables, booths, countertops, light fixtures, and any other specialized furniture you may need. GRS also specializes in furniture installation and maintenance.

Services - Furniture - Bar Top - Global Restaurant Source

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Menu Development & Design

Global Restaurant Source has the seasoning and the experience to aid with menu development for your new project or to retool your old menu. The menu is the centerpiece of any restaurant. Without solid menu choices, a great-looking business is an illusion. In order to start running your business you must first conceptualize your menu options. It is imperative to develop a menu that will complement your restaurant’s concept and still satisfy your customers.

The menu is the most important aspect of your business. The menu’s importance is unquestioned. Its connection to every other part of your operation is impossible to ignore. It is your restaurant’s most visible marketing device. Its presentation speaks volumes about your business. Your menu will help you decide which foods and utensils you need to buy, the amounts you need on hand, the likely cost of goods sold, necessary equipment and supplies, the overall “look” of the business, and more. For example, if you specialize in Irish cuisine, you will have special needs, like a slow-cook oven, and a classic aesthetic. If you serve a lot of breakfast foods, you will need a large griddle and special condiments like syrup and jelly and a homely feel.

Changing your menu or developing a new one is a stressful process, but Global Restaurant Source is here to help! We will manage the entire process! Staffing and training, recipe development, vendor alignment, inventory control rules and metrics, and implementation, Global Restaurant Source will help you with the entire process and guarantee a successful and stress-free implementation.

Services - Menu Development - Global Restaurant Source

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Staff Training

Any successful foodservice or retail business will have extensive staff training. It is an industry with some of the highest customer interaction rates. Your employees need to keep up the professional personality you have established while also caring for your guest’s needs. This business has a major challenge in balancing quality and speed of service to support high levels of customer satisfaction. Staff training is vital to this process. A well-trained staff will balance the goals of the business with the desires of your consumers to create a great customer service environment. There is no established way to correctly train your staff. Global Restaurant Source will put our experience to work and we will use effective and proven methods to train your staff on maintaining the co-operation between your customers and your business.

Services - Staff Training - Global Restaurant Source

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