Save $$$! Ask us about our Bar-in-a-Box Modular Bar system!

Modular BarWith our Bar-in-a-Box Modular Bar system, underbar equipment is mounted and supported on the bar die instead of simply having legs and being pushed up against a millwork bar die. The result on the bartender side is a beautiful and innovative line-up that is sealed to the floor and is made completely of stainless steel.

The Modular Bar structure is made of a heavy stainless steel frame that creates the die wall and the equipment supports for your underbar instruments. The structure is ideal for new projects and complete remodels because it is factory assembled to your specifications. The complete bar, from top to bottom, is crafted from stainless steel to create a smooth consistent appearance. All plumbing and electrical chases are built into the framework and removable millwork panels provide easy lift-off access to service utilities and/or beverage lines.

Advantages include:
  • Modular custom construction to provide any shape for your bar
  • Devoted areas for electrical, plumbing and beverage lines
  • Removable chase screen permits beverage lines to be set securely to avoid damage to insulated beverage and electrical lines
  • Heavy frame build supports bar tops up to 35 pounds per square foot
  • Customizable to meet ADA height standards

Bar-in-a-Box eliminates the need for underbar leg sets and provides a chase-way for soda, beer, electrical, and plumbing lines. This system will fit securely within your millwork bar top and finishing panels of your bar.

Contact us today to place an order or for more information and pricing on all of our units!

Download Design Guide:

Bar-in-a-Box Design Guide

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