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About GRS:

Christopher Shay | Owner | CEO

About GRS Christopher Shay Global Restaurant Source Owner CEO
Christopher Shay, Owner, CEO

About GRS: Owner – Chris Shay has specialized in the design, engineering, and the supply of interior design packages for many years. Christopher started working in the restaurant industry in high school. After he received a BA in architectural design in 1985 Chris immediately started working in the industry. He started by gaining industry experience for a prominent General Contractor as an Estimator and Project Manager. Two years later he started work at a well established restaurant supply house. The goal was to learn the industry in-depth with the intent to revitalize their entire Contract and Design Department.

In 1989, US Foods, a company in business since 1883, pulled the highest quality industry design professionals they could find. So Chris earned a place at the largest food-service supplier in the United States. Their intent was to become “the biggest and the best”. He worked there until they merged with a larger distributor from Belgium in 1997. Chris achieved great success and acquired a multitude of experiences throughout his tenure with the company. He designed, engineered and sold competitive packages for architects, general contractors, government agencies, and various states, counties, and cities, as well as; military bases, hotels, hospitals, universities, production plants, schools, nursing homes, entertainment, chain restaurants, independent restaurants, casinos, cafés, bars, nightclubs, stadiums, and coffee shops, etc., The project diversity was phenomenal, offering dozens of managed projects yearly. Each project ranged from $15 thousand to $4 million on average.


In 2003, Chris partnered with a long-time associate to form Global Restaurant Source. With dozens of years of experience between them, they quickly established themselves in part of one of the nation’s largest buying groups. This gave them the ability to offer incredible prices for the highest quality products in the industry. This led to the pair building partnerships everywhere along the way to the top. 2006 led to an expansion and Global Restaurant Source acquired several domains. GRS firmly established itself online as one of the industry leaders in restaurant design and equipment and furniture sourcing.

Global Restaurant Source is a Member of the National Restaurant Association (NRA).