Ice Bin Drawer

Global Restaurant Source is proud to be an official provider of the new Ice Bin Drawer!

The new ice bin drawer is an amazing concept brought to you by Global Restaurant Source! If you need ice, it’s the perfect compact solution for your ice storage needs. Custom fabricated for your specific space, this insulated stainless steel drawer is built to NSF Standard #2. This drawer comes guaranteed to supply  your operation with valuable added efficiency, speed, and save space. Built into your current counter, this drawer is placed near a blender or elsewhere in your bar. One use is to create a cocktail station in an existing or new operation design. This drawer, because of its heavy-duty drainage tube and shut-off valve, will safely and effectively hold your ice for hours.

Global Restaurant Source is experienced enough to meet the needs of any serious business owner. The Ice Bin Drawer will immediately impress you with its ease of use, quality of design, and immediate impact on your operation. We will furnish information about shipping, installation, and customization within 24 hours of your inquiry! Adding this product to your facility is the right call if you want an affordable option for your long-term ice storage need for years to come.

The quick access and smooth operation provided by your Ice Bin Drawer will be one of the highlights of your business’ ensemble, having a positive effect on your productivity. Purchasing this high quality product from GRS, with 30 years of experience and part of one of the nation’s largest buying groups, guarantees you the best price and quality from a vendor that you can trust.

Please contact us to place an order or to receive more information. Bulk discounts available. We can help you with your selection today! 877-575-7769!

Check out some of the specs for yourself, below!

Global Restaurant Source – Ice Bin Drawer – Equipment – PDF

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