Best Restaurants: Charlie Graingers – Wilmington, NC

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Best Restaurants: Charlie Graingers Review – Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

702 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28401
702 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Charlie Graingers: Classic Americana, World Famous Hot Dogs:

American musician Charlie Grainger opened the famous Peacock Alley drive-in in the 1940’s in Wilmington, NC, serving the Wilmington community for more than 40 years. In 2012, Owner Louis North purchased the site and opened their beautiful new operation. He was focused on maintaining that classic Americana charm that made the building so famous in the first place. You can feel the respect for history that the new ownership maintains. For instance, the logo still has a peacock “hidden” in plain sight, alluding to the origins of the franchise.

Louis has been in the business for more than 40 years, bringing his ability to the Charlie Graingers franchise. He kept the famous hot dog tradition, but added his own flair to the menu. His expertise shows in the form of delectable brisket, barbecue, and chicken/turkey salad, and some of the most unforgettable pimento cheese you will ever have the pleasure to taste.

Classic Americana
Classic Americana

Charlie Graingers Favorite Flavors:

The barbecue is all made in-house, slow roasted for 14+ hours before being served slathered on thick sandwich buns. The world-famous hot dogs come fresh, never frozen from Kahn’s Premium Hot Dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Try them with Charlie Graingers homemade chili, mustard, slaw, and onions for the perfect southern combination of simple, mouth-watering flavors.

We use the best, freshest ingredients available to bring out the best possible flavor in every bite.

House-Made Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea help to top off the solid menu, with these incredible Classic Americana elements you can barely imagine combining. Ranging from their amazing House-Made Pimento Cheese to Chipotle, Chili, Jamaican Relish, Slaw, Onions, Crunchy Fried Potato Stix, Sauerkraut, BBQ Baked Beans, or Chili Charlie’s Way, their ingredients are guaranteed to create a combination you won’t soon forget. People line up out the door for their food. It’s no wonder once you get your first taste of their amazing flavors.

Best Restaurants Charlie Graingers Review - Food
Charlie Graingers World Famous Hot Dogs

What to order: Charlie Graingers Best Restaurants Review

Charlie Graingers has some of the most astounding flavors of any restaurant you will ever visit. Their “less is more” motto really helps their signature dishes to stand out from the crowd. By focusing on high-quality, flavorful ingredients, Charlie Graingers is able to create plates which are simple but still ultra-effective. They are great at conveying their Classic Americana message through food. For instance, it is essential to order the Lou’s Way upon arrival.

Lou’s Way
Best Restaurants Charlie Graingers Review - Location
World Famous Hot Dogs

Lou’s Way is a perfect example of the simple but effective menu that Charlie Graingers has built for their loyal (and I do mean loyal) customers. Inspired by Louis North’s favorite combinations, the Lou’s Way is a crowd favorite and something that is legitimately worth flying across the world to try. I last dined there over two months ago and I still can’t forget the taste of their Lou’s Way. It may be the most delicious hot dog I have had in my entire memory.

Consisting of a famous Kahn’s Hot Dog, House-Made Pimento Cheese, Chipotle, Chili, Jamaican Relish, Slaw, & Onions, this is one dog you will not soon forget. The pimento cheese is inspiring, its creamy texture and vibrant but smooth flavors somehow overpowering the smattering of spicy southern ingredients. The hot dog is flavorful and consists of the perfect gourmet texture. The dog is steamed to perfection, with no grease and no guilt involved. Please, take my advice, and order the Lou’s Way at every opportunity. It is sorely missed in my household to this day.

Ray’s Way
Best Restaurants Charlie Graingers Review - Food
Ray’s Way

Another favorite is Ray’s Way. This plate is a slightly simplified version of Lou’s Way, allowing even more of the delicious pimento cheese flavor to come through. This innovative dog is hearty and filling, every bite exploding with the perfect amount of spice and cheese. Consisting of a Kahn‘s Hot Dog, House-Made Pimento Cheese, & Chili Charlie’s Way, Ray’s Way has a pleasing presentation and the combination of classic Americana and Southern flavors can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Beef Brisket Sandwich
Best Restaurants Charlie Graingers Review - Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket

Charlie Graingers Beef Brisket Sandwich is another item worth writing home about. This mouth-watering Brisket comes topped with their House-Made Molasses BBQ Sauce & House-Made Creamy Cole Slaw. A classic that takes 14 hours of slow-cooking; this sandwich is worth the wait. Authentic Southern BBQ brings out a multitude of smoky, rustic flavors that remind my palette of campfires and hickory chips. Add in a side of Charlie’s Chicken Gumbo or BBQ Baked Beans and you’ll be set for your trip into Classic American cuisine.

Make sure to check out Charlie Grainger’s menu below for drink ideas as well. From Classic Glass bottled Coke and Pepsi to House-Made Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea, Charlie’s has you covered for your essential Southern drinks.

Menu: Charlie Graingers Best Restaurants Review

Click on the following link to view Charlie Graingers Menu.

Atmosphere: Charlie Graingers Best Restaurants Review

 Best Restaurants Charlie Graingers Review - Atmosphere

Charlie Graingers Interior

Charlie Graingers has that comfortable feel that you would expect from a business with such a grand tradition of hospitality and style. From their authentic Classic Americana decor, to their saloon style kitchen doors, the place screams simple authentic style. As you can see from the photos here and in the gallery below, the scene really nails the perfect presentation for their style. During my visit, I spoke to no less than 10 different regulars who raved about not only the amazing menu but also the inviting atmosphere of the establishment, which has a welcoming, classic, warm and homely feel. Lou’s Way was on nearly everyone’s plate, of course.

The food comes in old-style Peacock Alley cardboard serving trays and patrons eat at a sit-down bar complete with stools and footrests. The crew keeps a huge crowd most of the day and it shows, lacking tables and compensating with plenty of space and seating for the patrons. It is almost impossible to visit the restaurant without running into a regular or someone you know, making it feel like home every time and creating a smile on basically every visit.

Charlie Graingers Best Restaurants Review - Global Restaurant Source - Gallery
Charlie Graingers Interior

Charlie Graingers Best Restaurant Review Gallery:

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