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Global Restaurant Source has teamed up with one of America’s leading blender companies. Our relationship with “Blendtec”, allows us to offer medium commercial use styles along with heavy duty, high volume machines. If quality and easiness of operation is what you desire, there is only one name, Blendtec!

Contact us today to place an order or for more information and pricing on all of our units! Don’t see the blender you want here? We have it, just ask!

Some of our Blender options:

Blender - Cheftec


Designed with the chef in mind, this machine is packed with an incredible 2400 watts (20 amps) of power.  This power enables the machine to process on a variety of levels.  From light touch chopping to high power blending, the ChefTec can do it all.

The ChefTec includes 2 different sized jars (2qt and 3qt), with markings in both ounces and cups.  The ChefTec will blend, chop, grind, mix, whip, or puree all the ingredients for your delicate spreads, breads, salsas, sauces, dressings, and much more!


Blender - Smoother


For years the Smoother has set the standard in blending frozen drinks.  The Smoother is still the choice of many of the world’s leading beverage retailers.

No blending chore is too tough for the Smoother.  The Smoother was designed with you in mind.  There is no need to purchase a different machine if you change the layout of your counter.  The Smoother combines power with intelligence and beauty

Blender - SpaceSaver


Initially created for use in bar wells, the footprint of the SpaceSaver is the smallest in the blending industry.  The SpaceSaver is loaded with features typically found on more expensive machines.  Available in 13 or 15 amps, this machine packs huge power for its small size.  Its ability to be mounted in your countertop offers maximum versatility for any situation.  With so many options to conserve your countertop area, the SpaceSaver truly saves space!

Blender - ABC


Our machines with Advanced Blending Control deliver one touch blending. Press the button and close the lid and the blender completes the cycle automatically. Lift the lid and the blender stops, preventing injury and misuse. Automatic start and blender safety – two great ideas found only on the Blendtec ABC.

Blender - EXBlender

The EZ Blender

The EZ Blender was designed for low volume operations incorporating design features of more expensive machines. It’s compact size combined with the durability and functionality of our quality polycarbonite jars make the EZ blender the best value!

Blender - Titan


Combine this blender with our sturdy 96 oz jars to result in the industries highest blade volume factor. The Titan moves more product from the top of the jar through the blade area faster than any other blender. With the Titan you will increase your speed of service, reduce labor time and effort, and eliminate cavitation.

Global Restaurant Source is a Member of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association (MVRA).

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