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Testimonials - Wheat Penny Oven & Bar

October 29, 2013

Dear Chris,

I am writing to let you know what an excellent experience it was working with Global Restaurant Source this last Spring and Summer. Wheat Penny Oven and Bar has been open nine weeks now, and I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled. With your emphasis on collaboration, together we took a dark, outdated space and turned it into an open, colorful, beautifully lit, super-functional restaurant and bar that is the talk of the town.

I appreciated a lot of things about the process. You arranged weekly meetings during which we thoroughly went over the numbers and you explained what the next step was. Every week. This helped develop trust, and made it possible for us to understand exactly what was going on, what our options were, and how much it would cost. You had lots of design ideas, and would get enthused and show us pictures of things you saw that you thought we might like to incorporate. You encouraged us to do the same. There was a lot of brain-storming and idea-bouncing, and we really felt part of the process. The result is a restaurant that looks so much more amazing than I ever dreamed. People just walk in and their eyes get big, and they exclaim how great it looks. Do you know how nice it is to be told that over and over by guests? You and your crew, hardworking and creative, made that happen.

Your recommendations on dealing with the noise issues we inherited were all spot on. I’ve spent money to quiet dining rooms before, with mixed or less-than-hoped-for results. Spraying the special sound-absorbing stuff on the ceiling was fairly expensive, and I went back and forth. We decided to do it, and I held my breath. But it works! It works so well. Along with the carpeting and some minimal wall treatment, the overall effect means you can have 100+ people in the dining room and hold a conversation in a normal voice with the person next to you. Maybe only people who have been frustrated and disappointed by failed measures know how astounding that is. Thank you!

In general,

-Your good humor and patience with us and the process never wore out, even when we changed horses in the middle of the stream, or got frustrated ourselves.

-Wheat Penny looks great, and that makes us look great.

-I appreciate that you are a member of the local restaurant association, and do a lot of volunteering and other things in support of our industry.

-And most importantly, I feel we got a lot of value for our money.

It was such a pleasure to work with you, and build-outs being what they are, the experience can be difficult at best, and a nightmare at worst. We had such a good time on this project with you and your associates, and look forward to working with you again in the future. I would recommend Global Restaurant Source to other operators without reservation. Please use me as a reference if that would be helpful Chris, and thanks again for all you have done for us.

Best Regards,

Elizabeth Wiley, Chef/Owner, Meadowlark Restaurant and Wheat Penny Oven and Bar


1400 Grandview Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43212
6725 Avery-Muirfield Dr. Dublin, Ohio 43016

Testimonials - Matt the Miller's Logo


I wanted to thank you for the work you completed in both of our units.  The custom stainless chef line, dish room and server station in Grandview has been a success.  The work was done on time and in budget.  I am more impressed with the retro-fit chef line in Dublin.  That new chef line has greatly improved our efficiency and guest satisfaction.

I am looking forward to working with you and R-Source again on our new unit in Indianapolis and our renovation at Tucci’s California Bistro in Dublin.  Both projects are very important to the future of this company and I feel like R-Source is a partner in our growth efforts.

Thanks for keeping the projects on time and on budget; easier said than done in my experience.


Rob Hoersdig
Director of Operations
CLB Restaurants
Matt the Miller Tavern
Tucci’s California Bistro


Architectural Design & Planning Services

Testimonials - Decker & Associates - Global Restaurant Source


Decker & Associates Architectural Design & Planning Services is please to recommend Global Restaurant Source, Springboro, Ohio for your commercial design and as a supplier of commercial kitchen equipment.

Global Restaurant Source recently worked with Decker & Associates to design the commercial kitchen for Progressive Hospital in Merriville, Indiana. Upon completion of the design, Global Restaurant Source entered into a contract with Progressive Hospital to furnish and install the kitchen equipment. This project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Global Restaurant Source has previously provided the same services for Scioto Retirement Community in Columbus, Ohio and Walnut Creek Assisted Living & Nursing Home in Dayton, Ohio.

We would recommend the use of Global Restaurant Source for your commercial kitchen needs!

Respectfully submitted,

Ronald R. Decker, RA
Decker & Associates Architects
Architectural Design & Planning Services


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